Our core values show us the right way to the success of our clients.

ADMA media is a consulting company specialized in management consulting and strategy advisory in the field of sales, human resources, operations, innovation and automation. We work with various domestic and international startups, scaleups as well as corporations (usually built on the greenfields of the CEE region). Our team is led by seniors with more than 20 years experience in the field that work closely with business analysts and associates. Our company values and culture are built around people, strong relationships and new technologies. Check out more details on our specialization below.

Human Resources

We offer a broad scope of services aimed at fulfillment of your HR needs. Recognizing company needs based on its structure, industry specialization, and development of talent identification, ability testing, interviewing and onboarding frameworks.


We have experienced building recognized sales teams globally within markets like USA, Russia, Israel, Germany, UK, Ireland as well as in CEE region, etc. We specialize B2B and B2C sales activities and use the best tools to support sales planning, execution and evaluation.


We specialize in online marketing consulting. We do this by using a flexible approach, modern tools and, most importantly, channel management for transforming your businesses to be a recognized and trusted brand. We focus on delivering great performance in terms of e-commerce and anything that requires conversion focused activities.

Business Operations

Evaluation and optimization of company operations and processes is key for company success. Improvement of day-to-day operations and processes, business modelling and cost reduction are just a few ways how we can improve your business operations.


As modern company we know that RPA (Robotic process automation) is becoming significant part of each industry and social life, Solution forms of business process automation technology, we deliver, are based on the notion of software robots or AI workers with focus on modern technology, proved approach & methodology.


We truly believe that constant innovations is what determines company success. Implementation of innovative tools and solutions, development of innovative business models, products and services, innovative company culture. We will guide you to learn about innovation approaches, methodologies and much more.
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