Within Sales area we specialize in next 4 areas however each collaboration is tailor made and adjusted based on client needs. Check it out and get in touch for more details.

Sales Strategy Advisory

  • Co-creating and designing the Sales strategy
  • Preparing industry and product benchmarks for current and future markets
  • Defining clear value proposition, key advantages and main selling points
  • Review and plan for main sales channels, techniques and tracking sales progress

Sales Team Coaching

  • Providing workshops for sales agents in order to increase sales results
  • On-site sales team training and coaching, based on the best practices from world leading companies
  • Complex establishing of tele-sales teams and developing operations, in order to optimize their efficiency

B2B Sales Techniques

  • Customized workshops and coaching to introduce the most used Sales techniques in B2B area
  • Marketing and Sales alignments for B2B Sales techniques and approaches
  • Best practice sharing from global top tech-company leaders

Sales Tools

  • Conducting research of the best sales tools used in the client industry
  • Implementation and on-boarding of industry leading customer-relationship management (CRM) tools
  • Implementation and on-boarding of industry leading lead handling and prospecting tools

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