Within Business Operations area we specialize in next 4 areas however each collaboration is tailor made and adjusted based on client needs. Check it out and get in touch for more details.

Analysis and Evaluation

  • Assessment of executives and regular employees: ‘What they identify as problems within operations and why?
  • Observation of business operations and processes within different levels and departments
  • Combination of research outcome and problem identification


  • Definition of day-to-day processes and documentation, to set the guidelines and improve efficiency
  • Establishing reporting and self goal setting practices
  • Defining key success metrics and complex forecasting

Methodology implementation

  • Consulting clients on best operations management practices within their industries
  • Implementation of lean practices within the company
  • Implementation of Objective Key Results (OKRs) practices, to boost motivation and maximize efficiency

Market research methodology

  • All of our reports begin with a clarification of the client needs and the identification of the research problem. Then, based on our best practices, we decide on which steps to follow to give the best solution possible to the request and gather secondary and primary data from various sources.
  • Qualified business analyst assess the expected report outcome and customer requests Business analyst team distributes the work according to our expertise and the company's methodology Report is reviewed by quality assurance specialist Final changes are made Report delivered to the customer

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