Within Automation area we specialize in next 4 areas however each collaboration is tailor made and adjusted based on client needs. Check it out and get in touch for more details.


  • Assessments for the Automation Readiness through analysis of your daily workforce’s tasks
  • Automate integrations between existing systems and workflows under a central automation platform
  • Identify areas for operational improvement and data management optimization through our Business Process Management & RPA know-how

Computer to cloud based tools

  • Incorporate agile methodology through cloud based tools for managing and delegating tasks, monitoring progress and maintaining an effective feedback loop within your organization
  • Implement and share best practices / approaches for maintaining ongoing and past projects and information in one place and in one cloud-system

Automation process documentation

  • Evaluation of the workflows within your organization, documentation of current status and detailed break-down repeatable tasks with tips for the automation
  • Establish internal governance frameworks to determine progress, productivity and leverage KPIs to optimum performance
  • On-demand cost analysis of ongoing processes to determine their prospect for automation

Workshops on self-automation system

  • Workshop (1 day) on RPA trends and best practice with practical break-down of specific company processes and identification of possible automation opportunities
  • Workshop (2 days) to prepare staff to do automation opportunities break-down on regular base with clear automation proposals and deployment plans/delivery

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