Sales and Business Development Consulting

Many great ideas and prototypes end at the stage when they actually need to get on the market and bring the business to “life”. We have experience building recognized sales teams globally within markets like USA, Russia, Israel, Germany, UK, Ireland as well as in CEE region, etc. We specialize in both B2B and B2C sales activities and use the best tools to support sales planning, execution and evaluation.

Consulting and advisory areas

Modeling and Preparing Go-to-Market Strategies

We help our clients to develop a long term vision and plan for delivering services and products to their customers with a long term outlook. This approach includes aspects like:
  • Value proposition development and fine-tuning
  • Differentiation from competitors
  • Processes and delivery

Training and Coaching Sales Teams

We train sales teams to help companies achieve better results in customer service, customer satisfaction, increase sales and profit. Our training help sales teams to better understand the company's products and customer motives for buying them.

Market Research, Segmentation and Competitor Analysis

We provide a wide range of market and competitor analysis according to the needs of our clients to help them better understand and forecast their situation on the market.

Establishing and Outsourcing Telesales Operations and Teams

Organizing and optimizing telesales operation centers to develop businesses. Moreover, we also offer outsourcing services of our telesales centers with qualified staff.